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Technical Offerings

UnoSolution works in the domain of application engineering that encompasses both web based and telecom based technological solutions and products. We provide development, deployment and support services based on the client business needs and technological strategies.

Our technical team has an outstanding blend of providing solutions that can help any organization develop the strategies and implement the system that is performance driven and delivers value for business.

Feature 1

In Telecom domain, we offer a complete portfolio of signaling and switching solutions. Our offerings includes components like SS7, SigTran, Diameter, MAP, AIN, ISUP, INAP, RANAP, TCAP, SCTP, TCP, UDP and other IP protocols. It also includes working on various SS7 nodes.



SS7 is the traditional network for PSTN communication. Our team have intensive development experience for the SS7 layers ( MTP3, SCCP ,TCAP etc.).

  • Provides full protocol stack development for SS7 this includes MTP3, SCCP, TCAP, ISUP
  • Provides full testing of protocol stacks
  • Provides SS7 application integration services with new stacks.


Sigtran provides control plane SS7 signaling over IP network. This consists of user adaptation layers (M3UA, SUA, M2UA, M2PA) over SCTP protocol. Our team have development experience for the adaptation layers. We also provide services for the integration of adaptation layers in the existing product of an operator. So that operator can move control plane from traditional PSTN to the IP network.

  • Provides development for M3UA, SUA, and M2PA.
  • Expertise in SCTP,TCP, UDP and IP protocols.
  • Testing of Sigtran Modules.


Experience in developing Credit Control Application in CAP using Dialogic Stack. Application was developed as the INAP user with Sigtran stack of dialogic.


Roaming applications using the GSM-MAP protocol. Signaling for USSD gateway and SMSC , with core network .


SMPP application development for SMS products.


SIP application and stack development against 3261 and extended RFCs.

Diameter/Radius (AAA)

Stack development and its integration with in a product.

Products experiences

  • Signaling Transfer Point.
  • Signaling Gateway.
  • SCP : Platform for developing SS7/Sigtran applications over TCAP.
  • HLR for GSM.
  • Charging Application: Charging application over INAP(CAP) for mobile network.
  • Steering/ Anti Steering Applications : These applications are used to steer a roamer to a preferred network or used to put screening over subscriber activities.

Exposure to stacks

Telesys, Trillum, Dialogic and Aricent, Mobicent.


Asterisk, SMPP, and PjSip