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SMS Gateway

Delivering cost effective promotional and transactional messaging solution for clients across the globe

SMS gateway is the node which enables vendors to provide SMS services. SMS gateway is build upon SMPP v3.4. SMS gateway connects to multiple SMSCs of different operators , for more coverage. An ESME can connect to the SMS gateway for sending/receiving messages over SMPP or HTTP.

Key Points

  • 255 Max SMPP ESME & 255 Max SMSC connections over SMPP
  • Configuring short codes & Configuring keywords on shared short codes
  • Inbox message redirection to SMPP/HTTP/XML/JSON APIs or to databases
  • CDR s
  • Least cost based routing
  • Dynamic switchover of traffic on the availability of SMPP connections to SMSC
  • Administrator controlled access for ESME to a SMSC connection
  • Routing rules management on the basis of destination and originating address
  • Routing rules management for each SMPP/HTTP ESME.
  • Manage different charging rates for different SMSC and ESME
  • Country code and National destination code based charging profiles management
  • On line charging for HTTP/SMPP ESME and Inboxes
  • Delivery reports for submitted SMS.
  • WAP Push, Binary data
  • Bulk Messaging & Sender Id management
  • Message filtering on the basis of destination number and message content
  • Traffic rate control for each ESME
  • Data coding schemes: GSM7BIT, UTF-8, UNICODE, UCS2
  • HTTP/JSON/XML API for SMS requests.
  • Reseller interface
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