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Custom Software Development

UnoSolution specializes in offering customized software solution for the business firms in multiple domains across the globe. In today’s competitive scenario, a readymade application cannot be the right proposition for any client.

At Uno, we have a complete blend of SMEs, business analysts and developers who work in a process oriented manner including multiple technologies to understand and deliver solution as per client requisites.

We come along with an expertise to conceptualize the client idea and provide visualization for the same .Team Uno helps you to build a solution that aligns completely with expected business model and corporate procedures. We have hands –on experience in architecting robust software system and handling confidential data from unlawful breach and hackers.

For cost effective & on time delivery of solutions we follow twin models concept including multiple methodologies like waterfall, agile, iterative and the like that provides client with a flexible approach during software development cycle.

Key Hallmarks of UNO offerings

  • In house developed framework and reusable component giving efficient turnaround time
  • Fast development by using Iterative Agile methodology
  • Focus on Service oriented architecture to enable future reuse and lowering effective costs for client
  • User friendly interface and feature rich deigns
  • Quick and flexible data query tools
  • Robust data cross check & validations with prompt help texts
  • Robust integration & communication of frontend and backend system.
  • In house stringent quality assessment of all deliverables

Platforms supported

  • Operating Systems: Windows and Linux
  • Database – MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Programming Language / Business Logic - C, C++, J2EE, .Net(C#,

Value for Business

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